At the Alastair Ross Technology Center (3553 31 St NW Calgary, AB T2L 2K7), we will be mostly inside the Inc! (GOOGLE MAP)



Short walk from the Brentwood train station



You can park outside the center, any lot is fine we’re here over the weekend.

Note: Some lots are marked closed for parking repairs (in RED below). Please avoid parking here or you will be asked to move!

If we run out of parking there is plenty of street parking too coming to/from the inc on 31st Street, just off the turn in from 32 Ave.



Design and Game Jam 2019 will be from 6 Pm Friday July 19th to 6 pm Sunday July 21st.

Note: we’re in the building AFTER HOURS. If you are late to the event, or are locked out: please send us a message if your at the door via email Scott or Stephen below.



The wifi password is: c@mmun1ty


First Time Jammers?

Here are some survival tips!

  • Don't’ forget all the equipment you need to build a game. Bring what you do best!!
    • Laptop?
    • Keyboard? Pen? Paper? Tablet?
    • Prototyping Pieces?
    • Instrument?
  • If your bringing a laptop, make sure all the software is up-to date, Internet may be a bit slow with everyone updating at the same time
  • Don’t forget to sleep! Make sure you feel refreshed as possible so you can focus on the Jam!
  • Don’t forget about food!
  • Don’t be afraid to drop ideas, try things, work with your group! I remember you only have 48 hours.

There is an article and can be read HERE



We want to keep Design and Game Jam fun and collaborative, we also want to keep it safe and open to all. To ensure this we follow the Policies as laid out on the Direct-Play Productions website Here



If you have any questions at all please contact any of us both below: